write one word, then another

Github has published pricing plans. I really like their "forking", which is really server side branching/cloning, we need to do the same thing in launchpad.

Tonight accidentally ended up at Acropolis in Tampa after Darcy bought me a new black suit, had some fantastic greek food.

Bazaar is now a GNU project. This happened a couple of weeks back, and Emacs is currently working on converting to Bazaar (based on what I've read on the public mailing lists). There is so much exciting stuff going on in Bazaar these days, the project is progressing at an amazing rate. Go ahead, ask me whether I think you should use Bazaar for your project ;)

This afternoon I got a tour of the video control booth at a mid-size convention center (~2000 people), and saw that they were using a Sony RM-BR300 to control 3 ceiling mounted video cameras during live production. From what I read, this controller works with Sony cameras, but the venue I volunteer at does not have Sony cameras. Does anyone know if video camera telemetry is some kind of standardized RS-422 (2-wire serial), or if it's proprietary to each brand of cameras?

Now to finish re-encoding another 5 hours of video so I can sliced it and add chapters/DVD menus.