Published some erlang history

I'm pleased to announce that I've converted most of the last 10 years of Erlang history into a Bazaar branch. I did this by downloading all the source releases, then progressively importing and committing into Bazaar branch, then publishing the whole thing to Launchpad. Just click on the code tab to get directions for grabbing the code. This makes it possible to look at the changes that have happened between releases - not quite as granular and direct a view of the evolution of the code as you would hope for a real open source project, but much better than a pile of tarballs. Here is a screenshot of Bazaar-GTK looking at some changes in the most recent release:

Erlang history

I had trouble importing a few of the tarballs, and didn't have time to sort it out - you'll notice that otp_src_R10B-0, -4, -6, -8, -10 are missing. If anyone is interested in creating this type of history for other open source projects that are stuck with a proprietary version control system that the general public can't access, feel free to contact me - this stuff is fun and valuable for the community.