Dec 15, 2016

Another morning run, and more dolphin. Wish there was a way to identify them. Got a picture of the sailboat named floating point. Can't remember the »

Dec 14, 2016

There was some extra time before Darcy had to leave for the day, so we jumped in the boat a few minutes after sunrise. Best day »

Dec 13, 2016

Notified a client about an impending outage that I noticed during an audit today, and did some studying on the Elm language. After the rainstorm finished »

Dec 12, 2106

Headed out shortly after sunup today. Water was absolutely glassy, the winds from the weekend were gone. Dodged half a dozen large coconuts as we headed »

Dec 11, 2016

Another late night run after spending a fun afternoon at the zoo. Headed to the end of the canal and was delighted by a couple of »