what would it take to make launchpad perfect for your project or company?

As regular readers know, I work on Launchpad during the day, which is about the coolest job imaginable. It's pretty exciting to me to see the gradual shift in thinking as more and more people discover distributed development, and start to realize the need for tools to enable incidental or drive-by contributions. It's also eye-opening to hear from real world projects that have very specific needs and workflows.

If you could have any imaginable feature you wanted in Launchpad to make it easier for your project or company to collaborate with others, what would it be? We have a pretty broad spectrum of things now, from enabling support communities to form in peoples native language, to enabling people to contribute software translations through their web browser, to a pretty sophisticated bug tracking and code hosting system, personal package archives for distributing customized packages, and more. Still, sometimes the big features aren't enough, and there is some specific thing missing that would make the system a lot better for a particular project. If you have looked at Launchpad in the past, or are using Launchpad now, I would love to hear your wishlist. Comment here or you can mail me elliot at canonical.