splintered attention

this was supposed to be a very focused hour, just hammer out a simple form, and deploy it.

somehow I ended up doing some user support, decided to reboot my main system to apply the latest gutsy updates and lost video, and various other random not doing what I sat down to do things. No more dvorak, peeled the keyboard stickers off, I tried it for a week that felt like 6 months and I'm not interested anymore.

I'm signing up for the wall street journal again. Gmail on my phone has been amazing me, I was able to open an excel spreadsheet to get some info out and it just worked.

Played the raymonds rabid rabbits game tonight with rhaiza, it is just about my skill level. there is a game where I am a rabbit, and the kid is a rabbit. We are sitting in the movie theater. When the lights go out, we hold the controllers up to our ears and pretend to talk on the phone. When the lights go on and the usher comes in, we put the phones down and look innocent. If the usher catches us talking on the phone, a giant vending machine falls on our head. I could play this game for hours.

At the gas station tonight ran into Joey and Tylers dad who is a bit of a GIS expert, on the way home from landing his plane at the Titusville airport after doing some arial photography. He is looking to hire a C# programmer, I guess GIS business is good.

Still working on a couple of site concepts, and putting together a training class in my head.