RTMP license forbids anyone from storing data?

I'm interested in the RTMP video over http protocol because I'm interested in video streaming. From reading the wikipedia entry, I saw that Adobe published the RTMP spec. Surprisingly, it had a license accompanying it - I'm not used to seeing a license next to a specification, so I read the license rather than downloading the spec. Shockingly, the license contains this statement:

Prohibited Uses
The rights and licenses granted by Adobe in the RTMP Specification, including those granted in
the Patent License, are conditioned upon Your agreement to use the RTMP Specification for only
streaming video, audio and/or data content and not to make, have made, use, sell, offer to sell,
import or distribute: (i) any technology that intercepts streaming video, audio and/or data
content for storage in any device or medium; or (ii) any technology that circumvents
technological measures for the protection of audio, video and/or data content, including any of
Adobe’s secure RTMP measures.
It's hard to believe there is a software developer on the planet who can promise not to make, have made, or use any technology that intercepts data for storage in any device or medium. How could anyone possibly make use of this specification given such a license?