random semi-new neat things in Bazaar version control

I work with bazaar every day, and have a pretty stable workflow, so I don't always notice right away when some neat new feature makes it in. Here are a few things that have impressed me this week:

  • There is a new merge algorithm available called LCA, and it is really neat. See 'bzr help remerge' to see how to specify LCA merge. In any cases where I would have recommended 'remerge --weave' in the past, you should use --lca now. I expect it will become the default soon.
  • ¬†Bazaar has some amazingly powerful revision specifiers. You know how in CVS or Subversion there are special revision names like HEAD? Those are revision specifiers, or revision identifiers, and Bazaar supports a bunch of them. My current favorite is called 'submit:'. You can 'bzr diff -r submit:' to see what changes were made in your branch, and get a good idea of what a merge would look like.
  • Imports! There is a lot of code out there, and one thing that all the free version control tools have in common is a hatred for data lock-in. While the Tailor tool has been around for a while, recently there has been some fabulous collaboration between different version control systems around building conversion tools. The fast import series of tools is really nice, and there are versions that seem to allow conversion between all the major systems (bzr, hg, git, svn).
There are a lot more exciting things coming soon. I can't wait to see what Mark Hammond does for Bazaar on Windows, building on top of the already excellent work done by Alexander Belchenko.