Job opening for a person to be Elliot's boss at Canonical

Now that Jane Silber is becoming the new CEO of Canonical, we need to hire a replacement Director of Online Services (this is mostly Ubuntu One but also some other stuff) to be my boss (I run the engineering team for Ubuntu One). The job description says that London based candidates are preferred, but exceptions will be made for exceptional candidates. I wonder what that implies about all the people living in London...nah, it doesn't mean that. Londoners are great. I just don't want to live there.

If you think you've got what it takes to oversee Canonical's Online Services strategy and product development including profit and loss responsibility for the division, and you will make my life less stressful and have lots of zen or improv type skills for making calm plans out of a fast paced startup-like business unit, then please apply!

Jane says someone with an MBA is preferred, I say someone who uses vim is preferred. If you've got both you're a shoo-in. The perfect candidate would be someone who has run an open source company before.