GTD With RememberTheMilk and Tasky

I've been trying to use RememberTheMilk as my one trusted system, even though I am very undisciplined personally. I think one of the reasons RTM is working for me is because there are so many ways to interact with it:

  • web
  • offline with google gears
  • mobile web
  • milksync
  • email (can enter tasks with text messages this way)
  • Gmail greasemonkey plugin to manage tasks from inside gmail
  • iGoogle plugin
  • and now, Tasky! Tasky even integrates with tomboy
  • with the recent launch of google gears for mobile, I'm sure the mobile web interface will get offline support soon
I saw Emily Boyd speaking about RTM at FOWA Miami, and was very impressed with some of the design choices she described. If you haven't tried RTM yet, I highly recommend it. Tasky isn't packaged yet, but I'm running the dev version and it is really nice.