February in Maine

It's February in Maine. My roof is leaking. My brother has a new girlfriend. My sister-in-law is just got engaged. I'm building new CoreOS clusters on AWS. We discovered all our elasticsearch code needs a total rewrite. I'm still in love with my wife. My monitor is failing. We're making plans for Thailand. I had a meeting today with a very cool hospital CEO who cares more about patients than power. My bosses mother died. I had to scramble to assist a large insurance company that is our customer with investigating a security breach. I'm really sorry I haven't answered that email from Amsterdam. I did a security consult this weekend. I wrote part of a patch to add tags to AWS autoscaling groups in Terraform. I have been working on porting a bitmap library from golang to C and running into funny bit manipulation bugs. I'm building a closet. I'm building a guest bathroom. I went ice fishing for the first time on Sunday. It seems to me that E.B.White is a very important writer. So is DeLillo.