that's not writing, that's typing

ASL convention this weekend, just outside of tampa. The hotel this time was SO much better than last time. Hilton Garden Inns are nice - not luxury that is a waste of money, just nice and comfortable.
After months and months of going to ASL meetings (no english, full immersion) 3 times a week or more, I finally feel like I'm ready to start learning. I've learned enough that when I read the books or people teach me things, it's no longer frustrating but genuinely useful and I can actually apply it. Kind of like learning to do tricks on rollerblades - you first need to be able to just stand in one spot without falling over before you can learn the finer points of sticking a landing or getting more height in a jump.

Got my first shipment of books from bookswim. It's a little expensive, but then so is buying a book or two every month. If they keep expanding their selection it will probably save me money and I'll stay subscribed. I had a hard time finding 3 books for the initial order, but am happy with what I finally got.

Getting annoyed by Flash support on Linux lately, I use Gnash on my primary machine which is 64bit, and it locks up the browser at least once a day (I don't always know ahead of time that the link I clicked on is going to have some Flash loaded somewhere that will crash things).

Looked at sparklines on Friday for some things at work, and after testing was disappointed to see that even in IE7 data: URIs are still not supported.

Barcamp Orlando in 6 days!

Planet Asterisk is the most consistently useless and content-free planet I have ever seen, unsubscribing. I'm so tired of people making planets that focus on posts about a topic rather than on people in a community. I can subscribe to blogsearches in google if I want to find all the posts about a topic.